Designed in belgium & made into the best quality in Italy!

Harper is made out of a soft and airy knit. The V-neck add a modern look to this classic wardrobe staple. This mix of mohair & wool is the perfect compromise, a warm knit in a medium thickness.

Discover our timeless jumper. The choice of color is yours. HARPER comes into 4 colors: Attractive Cream/ Salty Beige/ Smokey Black/ French Fushia.

  • SWEATER LENGTH : 60 cm

Model's height: 1.75 m tall

How to care for wool?
Wash by hand, one piece at a time, at a cold temperature of 20°C, using a little special wool detergent. After washing carefully with your fingertips, without wringing or rubbing the fabric, rinse your wool under water. Avoid rubbing your garment at wool as this may cause it to fluff up. Wring it out gently in a flat towel using several gentle strokes to avoid damaging the fibre. Dry it flat so that it returns to its original shape.

You can also wash your sweater in a washing machine: wool program, without softener, spinning at 400 rpm maximum.

If necessary, the mix is ironed at a very low temperature so as not to burn the fibres. Sometimes a simple cloud of steam is enough.

Be considerate of your presious item...

- The wool does not like hot water

- Never put it in the dryer

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