You can discover your color type yourself with this four-step analysis method. How cool is that? Bring it on!

Step 1: Are your colors bright or muted 
Step 2: Do warm, cool or neutral colors go better with you 
Step 3: How deep or light you can wear your colors 
Step 4: What is your dominant, your second and your third color characteristic 

FIRST STEP: Are you clear or muted? PART 1

We all know that we look better in certain colors and probably those colors are also more present in your wardrobe. If you're starting to build a wardrobe or just want to look more radiant, learn to pay more attention to colors. If you take the time to discover your good colors you will immediately notice that it pays off. Not only will you look better, but it will also save you hours of lingering in front of your wardrobe. Colors that do not support your natural coloring can make you look faded & unhealthy. And nobody wants that, right?

The brightness of a color - The first step is to discover how bright your colors can be. The brightness of a color is also referred to as "chroma" or the saturation of a color. You are looking for colors that are in harmony with the brightness that you naturally have in your appearance. Bright colors are the "pure" versions of a color. No black, gray or any other color has been added. They are the primary, secondary and tertiary colors in the standard color circle by Johannes Itten. Muted colors have a certain softness. Mixing in black, gray, white or the complementary color makes a color more muted / softer. When you mix black with a color, it first becomes deeper, but also more muted. Even if you mix white with a color, the color not only becomes lighter, but also more muted.

What does the brightness have to do with the colors you wear? - As I indicated, the goal is to find those colors that are in perfect harmony with your natural colors. If you wear the wrong brightness in your colors, the color of your clothes may come in "earlier" than you by walking in. The color overwrite you. Conversely, a too-muted color can take the brilliance out of your eyes. It's making you look dul.

Bright women can have clear blue eyes and shiny black hair, silver gray hair and clear blue eyes, deep dark brown hair with brown eyes, bright red hair with green or blue eyes. Muted women usually have eyes with some gray. They can have blue-green, gray-blue, hazelnut, soft brown eyes. Their hair color is usually less intense in color.